Writer Resources

Blogs I Recommend:

David Gaughran – Writing, editing, and publishing advice and industry news from a self-taught, self-publishing authority

The Creative Penn – A fantastic resource for writing, editing, and publishing information by author, Joanna Penn

Sterling & Stone – The main web home and blog for the three best-selling authors from the Self-Publishing Podcast

The Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast Guest Blog Series – Weekly guest posts from top self-published authors

Author Earnings – Information about authors’ prospects in the writing industry

Podcasts I Recommend:

The Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast – Interviews with self-published authors, editors, cover designers, and more!

The Self-Publishing Podcast – Advice from three top self-published authors as well as guest interviews

The Creative Penn Podcast – Advice from author, Joanna Penn, and interviews with professionals  in the publishing industry

The Sell More Books Show – News from the self-publishing industry and useful websites, software, and devices for writers

The Author Marketing Podcast – Quick marketing tips on focused topics for self-published authors

The Author Biz Podcast – Weekly interviews from both independent and traditionally published authors and tips for growing your author business (probably the only podcast I recommend for those dead set on traditional publishing)

Videos I Recommend:

Authorpreneur Self-Publishing Nuts and Bolts – Run by the guys from Sterling & Stone, this web-series provides a step-by-step guide for writers who want to self-publish. It starts at the writing process and moves into how to actually publish your novel and then how to market it.

Books I Recommend:

If you are interested in reading, viewing, or owning any of my book recommendations and would like to help sponsor my work and research, you can view and purchase them at my Amazon Associates Store. There you will find all my recommendations: everything from the books I review on this site to my favorite works of literature (classic and contemporary) to the best available resources in self-publishing, marketing, and building an author platform. On a more personal level, I will also list some of my favorite graphic novels, movies, and other products, which you are more-than-welcome to check out and tease me about.

By simply clicking the above link, you will see all of my recommendations and you will be able to purchase them from Amazon directly from my store. By doing this, you will not pay a cent extra, but I will receive a small commission on the sale, which would be much appreciated.

For a more detailed description of some of my recommendations, check out my book reviews on my author website or Goodreads.

Thank you and happy browsing!

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