The Tyrant’s Heir (Desertera #3)

The Tyrant's HeirShould a king elicit love or fear? Lionel inspires neither… and it could cost him everything.

Lionel Monashe believes he’s a terrible king. After ordering his father’s execution and taking the throne, he struggles to reconcile his royal duties with his innate compassion. His insecurity and inconsistent ruling lead prominent subjects to challenge his authority.

Chief among his adversaries is a self-proclaimed prophet, whose religious zealotry launches the kingdom into economic crisis and civil unrest. When Lionel attempts to make peace, he sparks even more discord and ignites the greatest tragedy in Desertera’s history.

Blame for the disaster falls on the king, sending Lionel in a desperate pursuit to find answers before he loses his crown… and possibly his life.

The third book in the Desertera series, The Tyrant’s Heir portrays a desperate power struggle in an equally desperate, steampunk dystopian world. This political thriller will keep readers guessing until the end.

Will Lionel save his crown? Buy The Tyrant’s Heir today and find out.


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