Boxthorn Press

Boxthorn Press Logo
Image copyright © 2017 by Kate M. Colby. All rights reserved.

Established in April of 2015, Boxthorn Press is the imprint under which I publish my books. You can view my books here.

“Boxthorn” comes from the street in Australia on which my husband, Daniel, grew up. Originally, Daniel had planned to publish novels under this imprint with me. However, when he went in another direction, I kept the name. Why? 1) I like the plant itself and the symbolism, 2) Daniel is the one who introduced me to the idea of independent publishing, and 3) it sounds cool.

With the logo, I want to show that I am pushing boundaries and stretching my creative capacities with everything I do. Like my fiction, the boxthorn plant is contradictory — it is alluring with a dangerous undercurrent. Moreover, as the plant extends from the box, my fiction extends across traditional genre borders. I don’t write in only one genre, and sometimes my books don’t fit into one genre box, either.

I hope that, as you read my fiction, you will see what I mean.

Logo created by Brenda Tietze.