Month-End Update: May 2016

Happy June, everyone! I hope you all had a productive and fun May (if so, feel free to share your achievements in the comments!). Professionally, I didn’t get as far in my revisions of Desertera #2 as I would have liked, but Daniel and I did have a few unexpected (but welcome) social engagements pop up throughout the month, so personally, it was a great few weeks.

As I head into June, I am going to keep my focus on a few big goals. First, I’ll be finishing the content edit revisions of Desertera #2, so that it can go to line editing at the end of the month. As always, I’ll be working on my next nonfiction booklet, 100 Action & Adventure Writing Prompts, and if time allows, I am more than ready to dive into Desertera #3.

Last, I wanted to let you all know that I have officially joined Tumblr. You can find me at If you’re also on Tumblr, feel free to follow me, and I’ll happily return the favor!

But first, let’s recap May:


  • Blog Posts Written — 8
  • Fiction Words Written — 0
  • # of Days I Wrote Fiction — 0
  • Nonfiction Prompts Written — 100 prompts (plus front/back matter material)
  • # of Days I Wrote Non-Fiction — 10
  • Outlines Written — 1 (100 Action & Adventure Writing Prompts)
  • Days Without Writing and/or Editing — 12


  • Drafts Revised — Content Edit of Desertera #2 (over 2/3 through the manuscript)
  • # of Days I Revised — 9


*Remember, I review every book I read on my Goodreads page.

Author Business Activities

Goals for June

  • Finish the content edit revisions of Desertera #2
  • Write and publish 100 Action & Adventure Writing Prompts
  • Begin drafting Desertera #3

Who else has accomplishments to share from May? What are your goals for June? Share in the comments!


Kate M. Colby is an author of science fiction, fantasy, and nonfiction. When she is not writing or working, Kate enjoys playing video games, antiquing, and wine tasting. She lives in the United States with her husband and furry children.

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19 comments on “Month-End Update: May 2016
  1. My June goal is to get going with my next writing project. Good luck with your goals!

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  2. Whitney says:

    The closer you get to finishing your second book, the closer I get to reading it! ❤

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  3. Yay for productivity! My second book came out in late April, so May was about promotional activities for the first half . .. then in the second half I finally had a break through that will help me finish book 3. So, my goal for June is to finish Book 3 (as in: get to a share-able draft version).

    @mirymom1 from
    Balancing Act

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  4. My main goal for June is to finish my latest audiobook: at this point, I’ve finished the main recording and just need to edit. That’s been my main focus in May (though I did do a field biology course as well), as well as my blog schedule, so I haven’t really done any fiction writing since Camp Nanowrimo fell apart. Hopefully I can change that this month. Wishing you all the best, Kate!

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  5. Great job Kate! Lots of wonderful things you have accomplished. Of course social activities good fuel for the spirit.
    Cheers for June!
    Dream Big Always,

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  6. adeleulnais says:

    You`ve accomplished much during May, well done. I`ve followed you on tumbler. Great piece thank you for sharing.

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  7. Helen Jones says:

    Well, I managed to publish my third Ambeth book in May, and I’ve a fourth (unrelated to Ambeth) lined up for editing. So not a bad month, writing wise 🙂 Still, can’t believe how quickly this year is flying fast!
    Cheers to you for a very busy May, and good luck with Desertera #2 and #3

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    • Wow! You are a word slaying machine! I’m very excited to read the third Ambeth novel, and intrigued to see what this mystery fourth book is. And yes, this year is racing by – I can barely keep up!

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      • Helen Jones says:

        Hehe – well, it might sound like I am, but I wrote four Ambeth books before I published the first one, so it’s just been a case of editing and polishing to get each one out. In a bit of a panic about five and six now… although they are also underway. And the other book was my NaNo produce from two years ago – once again polished it up and sent it out to beta readers. It’s a sort of fantasy, but quite different to Ambeth, and it’s a stand alone, no sequels required. 🙂

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      • Clever! In retrospect, I wish I had written ahead with my series as well. But perhaps I’ll manage it next time around!

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      • Helen Jones says:

        Thanks, Kate! I didn’t mean to do it, it just worked out that way – the story was sort of pouring out of me for about two years straight. I do know how it all ends, so now I just need to gather up the threads and make it happen 🙂 And so, does this mean you’ve another series idea in the works…?

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      • That’s the best – when the story won’t leave you alone, and you can just write it all out. 🙂

        I actually have a few series ideas in the works, but for now, I’m keeping my main focus on my Desertera novels. I have a general idea for when I would like to start writing my next series, but I’m just letting it all simmer in the back of my mind until I’m in a position to dedicate proper time to the idea.

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      • Helen Jones says:

        And then you’ll probably find the story will pour out of you, once you sit down and write. It is the best feeling – I know how this Ambeth series ends, but I have a few short stories in the back of my head as well. Then there’s a few more ideas waiting….

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