Month-End Update: April 2016

Despite Camp NaNoWriMo being in April, I had a rather “slow” month. I focused more on a few big items on my to-do list and let some of the little stuff I normally do slide. In fact, between completing my first Camp goal (writing and publishing 100 Fantasy Writing Prompts), I took a full week off production while I waited to begin the content edit revisions of Desertera #2 (which may have a title now…stay posted!).

Overall, April has been a solid month. I made a few new author friends at the Brain to Books Cyber Convention, won Camp NaNoWriMo (third time’s the charm!), did quite a bit of reading, and received a few fantastic reviews of The Cogsmith’s Daughter (Desertera #1). I’m leaving the month refreshed and happy to keep moving forward in May.


  • Blog Posts Written — 9 (and three reblogs)
  • Fiction Words Written — 0
  • # of Days I Wrote Fiction — 0
  • Nonfiction Prompts Written — 100 prompts (plus front/back matter material)
  • # of Days I Wrote Non-Fiction — 6
  • Outlines Written — 1.5 (100 Historical Fiction Writing Prompts, starting Desertera #3)
  • Days Without Writing and/or Editing — 17


  • Drafts Revised — Content Edit of Desertera #2 (roughly 23,000 words so far)
  • # of Days I Revised — 7


  • Books Reviewed
    • None on the blog

*Remember, I review every book I read on my Goodreads page.

Author Business Activities

Goals for May

Right now, May looks to be another relatively slow-paced month, with just a few big goals.

  • Finish the content edit revisions of Desertera #2
  • Write and publish 100 Historical Fiction Writing Prompts
  • Participate in the #WriteWeMay Instagram Challenge
  • Try at least one new advertising or marketing strategy

Who else has accomplishments to share from April? What are your goals for May? Share in the comments!


Kate M. Colby is an author of science fiction, fantasy, and nonfiction. When she is not writing or working, Kate enjoys playing video games, antiquing, and wine tasting. She lives in the United States with her husband and furry children.

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6 comments on “Month-End Update: April 2016
  1. Helen Jones says:

    Your ‘slow’ month looks pretty busy to me! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Kate – looks like you’ve had a great month. I seem to have screwed up my login details and can longer click the like button!

    Liked by 1 person

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