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Month-End Update: November 2015

Unfortunately (though, fortunately, for the late hour at which I’m writing), I don’t have much to report for November. Mostly, this is because I had an extended holiday to attend an academic conference with my husband and also go home to visit my friends and family after a long, arduous four months in Connecticut. Therefore, in the spirit of not having much to say, I’ll keep this one short and sweet.


  • Blog Posts Written — 4 (plus one guest post and one reblog)
  • Fiction Words Written — 25,690
  • # of Days I Wrote Fiction — 13
  • Outlines Written — 0


  • Drafts Revised — 0
  • # of Days I Revised — 0
  • Misc. Editing — N/A


Author Business Activities

  • Free video series on growing a mailing list
  • Free video training on finding an audience
  • Shipping signed copies of The Cogsmith’s Daughter to generous readers!

Goals for December

  • Get back to a regular blogging schedule
  • Implement my new social media marketing schedule
  • Craft a marketing plan for 2016
  • Resume work on Desertera #2
  • Write 2016 resolutions (business and personal)

What have you accomplished this month? What are your goals for December? For *gasp* 2016? Share in the comments!



5 thoughts on “Month-End Update: November 2015”

  1. I always enjoy these updates. I appreciate your honesty about what you intended to get done vs. what really happened. It’s a good eye into what the writing life is like for someone else and they make me feel better about my own progress. I should steal this idea and publicly report from time to time like you do.

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    1. Thank you! Part of them is selfish, to make my own self feel better, because it often feels like I did nothing at all until I write it out. But, part of it is also to inspire others, so I’m glad that goal is being met, too!


    1. I just finished it today, and I really enjoyed it. There were a few ideas I didn’t agree with, but overall, I found it to be the kind of blunt, nothing-held-back guide I hope I have the authority to write one day. Yet, it was still very positive and uplifting. I gave it 5 stars.

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