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Steven Baird

stevenI’m a full-time ad designer for a chain of newspapers which publishes in Ohio, Kentucky, North Carolina, Virginia, Oklahoma, Georgia and several other states. I currently live in S.W. Virginia in a remarkably isolated area with my wife Angela and a horse, dog, cat, and several chickens. I’m a native Canadian so I still miss (after almost 8 years!) my daily Tim Horton’s coffee. I actually dream about it.

I first thought myself a writer when I was 10 years old. I’m 55 now, so it’s been awhile. At my former job, I was an ad designer, a columnist, part-time editor, did pagination, and helped set up the plates for printing. Occasionally I’d insert flyers if there was time. So I’m familiar with the business.

Writing, for me, has always been the best means of expression. Novels have always fascinated me… the pacing, the character development, the plotting, the nuances. I see them as journeys and I’m drawing the map. I look for the poetry in language, the shadings and subtleties. I try to avoid the obvious, and I abhor cliches. Lately, my style tends to be non-linear, exploring subjects from different times in their lives… I think it gives a more three-dimensional aspect of the characters. I like the idea that I can shuffle the chapters in my work and it will still work. When I’m not writing, I’m a very boring person, but my wife likes me. She, too, is a writer, a poet, an artist and an awesome person. We’ve been married for 13 years and still enjoy each others company.

Ordinary Handsome is my favorite work and I’m working hard to promote it and get sales moving. It’s about a  dying Oklahoma town – Handsome – and the secrets and hardships of a handful of men who live there. It’s primarily about dying and not knowing it… or avoiding it… or denying it. The horrors of becoming a ghost, literally and figuratively. I’m unabashedly proud of it, but I’m terrible at self-promotion.

What is the first piece you remember writing (from childhood or young adulthood)?

I wrote a short humorous story as a class assignment when I was 10 years old. Being a very shy boy, I was overwhelmed when everyone in the classroom stood up and applauded. The story was something about mixing up toothpaste and Brylcreem. I don’t remember the story, but I remember the reaction.

What is your favorite aspect of being a writer? Your least favorite?

I love how real a story can become, and how the characters sometimes do such unexpected things. I don’t like the periods between writing projects… that’s when the self-doubts start to creep in.

Do you believe in writer’s block? If so, what is your best tip for beating it? If not, why not?

I’m not sure I believe in it. I’m always searching for ideas and always challenging myself. Though I may not be physically writing something, I’m always working on ideas. Sometimes painting yourself into a corner is not a bad thing… you either scrap the idea, or patiently wait it out. A single word can be enough to get me thinking. “Handsome” popped into my head one day. A town. Oklahoma. A ghost town. And then it began. A single word, a color, a quote… it’s all there for the taking if you’re paying attention to what drives the imagination. I don’t believe the imagination can ever be blocked.

steven bookWhat is your current writing project? What is the most challenging aspect of your current writing project?

A novel titled “Branchwater”. It started out as a series of vignettes and developed into a full-blown novel. The most challenging part is finding the time to write it. I have a short attention span when I’m writing, and if it’s not working, I toss it. If I don’t stay on top of it, I’m going to lose it. So I always try to find the time.

What supports you in your writing?

My wife’s encouragement. My stubbornness. The fact that I have no other talents I wish to pursue.

What are you currently reading?

“The Grapes of Wrath”. I read it in high school, but really, this is the first time.

Where can our readers find you and your books online?

I’m going to be a brat about it: Ordinary Handsome —


Kate M. Colby is an author of science fiction, fantasy, and nonfiction. When she is not writing or working, Kate enjoys playing video games, antiquing, and wine tasting. She lives in the United States with her husband and furry children.

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24 comments on “The 2K International Writers’ Blog Tour – Steven Baird
  1. I finally did what I’ve been meaning to do for a while: headed over to Amazon and bought ‘Ordinary Handsome’. Looking forward to reading it. All the best, Steve!

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    Today’s interview:

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  3. ofopinions says:

    Very intriguing title! Anyone who has anything to do with Canada always goes on about Tim Horton’s. I’m definitely trying it whenever I go to Canada! Beautiful portrait also, I must say.

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  4. smbaird says:

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    Yours truly. 🙂


  5. Fia Essen says:

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    Steven Baird, author of Ordinary Handsome, talks to the 2 Kates about writing and more!

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    Add another book to your To-Read list and get to know Steven Baird in this next installment of The 2K International Writers’ Blog Tour!

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  7. Thank you so much for this fantastic interview, Steven! I’ve been a big fan of the photography you post on WordPress for a long time, and after reading this interview, I can see how that eye for beauty translates into your writing — especially when you discussed your approach to writing in your biography. Your viewpoint is really inspiring!

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    • smbaird says:

      Thank you for the opportunity, Kate! I’ve only done a couple of interviews, so this was fun. Photography is definitely an outgrowth of my writing… I only started thinking of myself as a photographer about a year ago. I’m pleased that people enjoy the photos, usually more than my writing, so that was an unexpected result. But I enjoy it and can’t complain. All the best to you and your writing/editing/promoting prospects!

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  9. […] We’re at the middle of the third week now.  Not much longer to go.  Here’s today’s interview.  The original posts are found here and here. […]

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  10. noelleg44 says:

    I like Tim Horton’s coffee, too, along with….the dougnuts! Will take a look for this book!

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  11. lightwalker1 says:

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    Check out Steven Baird, todays feature artist on the 2K International Writers’ Blog Tour. Steven is a non-linear writer who looks for the poetry in language and dreams of Tim Horton’s coffee.


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