The 2K International Writers’ Blog Tour – Kate M. Colby

Up second in The 2K International Writers’ Blog Tour is the tour’s co-hostess, yours truly!

Kate M. Colby

HeadshotI am a writer of multi-genre fiction (because I could never limit myself to one genre) and creative nonfiction, as well as a writing craft blogger. My most reputable writing street cred comes from my recent college days. I graduated summa cum laude from Baker University in May 2014 with my Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, Creative Writing, and Sociology. While at Baker, I was a member of the Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society, and my creative nonfiction essay, “It Began with a Car,” placed third nationally at the 2014 Sigma Tau Delta Convention. I am also a three time recipient of the Moorman Prize in Prose from Watershed, Baker’s literary magazine, where my creative nonfiction and poetry have been published.

After agonizing about whether or not to pursue my Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing for months, I have finally decided I would rather pursue author entrepreneurship and independently publish without further schooling. I plan to publish my first novel, The Cogsmith’s Daughter, which I wrote over NaNoWriMo 2014, this fall.

When I am not writing, I enjoy devouring fiction, playing video games, and doting on my feline son, Thomas. I am happily married to Daniel N. Gullotta, a budding Early Christian historian, and spend my days with him in lovely Kansas, USA.

What is the first piece you remember writing (from childhood or young adulthood)?

The first story I remember writing emerged from “free-writing” time in the second grade. I was about seven years old, and we had just finished learning about the United States Civil War and slavery. My story was a picture book about a young girl who escaped from a plantation and followed the big dipper to freedom in the North.

What is your favorite aspect of being a writer? Your least favorite?

My favorite aspect of being a writer is the creative freedom. When I sit down to write, I can create anything I choose. Maybe I’m a bit egotistical, but I really love “playing God” with my characters and seeing what they do in impossible circumstances. I love naming them, too.

My least favorite part of being a writer is that, until you are published and no longer need a “real” job, people do not take your ambitions seriously. Even if they do support you, you are still likely to hear phrases like “writing can always be a hobby” or “but what will you really do to make money.”

Do you believe in writer’s block? If so, what is your best tip for beating it? If not, why not?

I do not believe in writer’s block. For a long time, I did. However, upon reflection, I truly think that writer’s block was merely an excuse I used to justify why I wasn’t writing. When I finally got my life in order, dedicated myself to writing, and actually wrote a novel, I never once experienced writer’s block. I don’t think your creativity can ever be “blocked,” but I do think other aspects of your life can distract you and keep you from reaching your creative potential.

What is your current writing project? What is the most challenging aspect of your current writing project?

Currently, I am editing the first draft of The Cogsmith’s Daughter. The most challenging part of this is being patient. Editing is quite tedious, and I am anxious to start writing my next manuscript. My next book is tentatively entitled Desert Child, and it is another dystopian/post-apocalyptic novel.

What supports you in your writing?

As far as “what” supports my writing, I suppose the best answer is Scrivener, my day job, and my unswerving dedication to reaching my goal of being a full-time author entrepreneur. Who, on the other hand, supports me is my amazing husband, parents, and writer friends.

What are you currently reading?

I’m in the middle of a few books, but my current favorite is The Earl of Brass (The Ingenious Mechanical Devices #1) by Kara Jorgensen (whose interview you will see Friday!).

Where can our readers find you and your books online?

You can find me and links to all my social media on my blog:

As of yet, I don’t have any books on the market. But you can keep up-to-date on my publishing progress here:


Kate M. Colby is an author of science fiction, fantasy, and nonfiction. When she is not writing or working, Kate enjoys playing video games, antiquing, and wine tasting. She lives in the United States with her husband and furry children.

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40 comments on “The 2K International Writers’ Blog Tour – Kate M. Colby
  1. Jonas Lee says:

    Great Interview! Looking forward to your novel.

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  2. Reblogged this on To Write With a Broken Pencil is Pointless and commented:
    Today’s The 2K International Writers’ Blog Tour post is the interview with the second lovely host Kate M. Colby! She’s been a supporter of my blog for a few months now (since NaNo!) and a great encouragement when it comes to writing! Don’t forget to check out her blog!


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  4. I totally understand the part about people not getting you wanting to be a full-time author. I’ve had those type of responses when I even suggest the idea! Looking forward to your novel.

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  5. Fia Essen says:

    Reblogged this on Fia Essen and commented:
    The second interview in The 2K International Writers’ Blog Tour features Kate M. Colby. She’s also the co-hostess and co-creator of the tour.


  6. Corri says:

    Reblogged this on 51stories and commented:
    And this is the second interview, with Kate Colby. I hope you’ll enjoy her thoughts on writing and publishing!


  7. reneenmeland says:

    Reblogged this on Renee N. Meland's Books and commented:
    Second up for the 2K International Writer’s Blog Tour: Kate Colby!


  8. […] I am part of an author interview-type blog tour at Kate Colby’s blog, and it will be posted on Friday, so in the meantime, I will be reblogging Kate’s posts to help boost other author’s visibility.  You can find her blog here. […]

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  9. coffeennotes says:

    Love your post 🙂 It was a very inspiring read.

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  10. Reblogged this on Elizabeth Hein – Scribbling In The Storage Room and commented:
    Today we meet the lovely Kate Colby. She write dystopian/post-apocalyptical novels, which is a genre I truly enjoy reading but could never write. I admire her creativity and imagination.

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  11. Great interview! Sharing on Twitter!

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    Second Interview from our Fab host Kate M. Colby!


  13. lightwalker1 says:

    Reblogged this on Lightwalkers Blog and commented:
    Please check out Kates blog. I enjoy reading her posts. Her gentle humour always makes me smile. It is comforting to know such a supportive and encouraging author.


  14. lightwalker1 says:

    Reblogged on Lightwalkers blog at Nice interview your are a a wonderful writer with a gentle voice and quiet humour. Shared on Facebook and Twitter. In love and light Cheryle

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  15. ofopinions says:

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    Interview of one of the hosts of this blog tour and one of my favourite bloggers, Kate M. Colby. As always, much to learn from this wise woman.


  16. dixonl2014 says:

    Hello Kate, As a fellow writer, creating characters can be exciting. It reveals parts of who we are and what we have seen. And then, we get to add even more with a stretch of the imagination. I am looking forward to reading ‘The Cogsmith’s Daughter.’ And yes, editing is a real pain for me as well. A second pair of eyes is always helpful. Lynn

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  17. Daniel Waltz says:

    Reblogged this on daniel waltz and commented:
    Check out one of the bloggers themselves interview!

    “Even if they do support you, you are still likely to hear phrases like “writing can always be a hobby” or…” <– Yep. That.

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    Fellow Bloggers please take a moment to learn more about a friend of mine and brilliant writer and blogger Kate Colby!

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