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To Kansas, To Marry

Last week, Evelyn Pryce, my and Daniel’s wedding celebrant and award-winning historical romance author, shared her unbelievably arduous journey to officiate our wedding ceremony. Check out this post for all the crazy details, and while you’re there, take a look at her debut novel, A MAN ABOVE REPROACH.

For a deeper look, you can read my glowing review of A MAN ABOVE REPROACH here.


IMG_2184 Dan and Kate, right after the ceremony

This is a story about magic and love.

There was once a convention, ostensibly about comics, called Morrison Con. That’s where this story really starts.

Love and magic were in the air, in the strangest of all possible places, the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. It was the opposite of Fear and Loathing, a temporary autonomous zone of Joy and Friendship. For three days a bunch of geeks drank together, had intense conversations over screwdrivers in hallways, made art and connections, and had an amazing time. We all made our ways there very differently, but it didn’t really matter how. We knew we were meant to be there. My husband and I were on our belated honeymoon. I sincerely believe that most people who attended would say their life changed weirdly after the experience.

I became a Romance author and won an award…

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