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NaNoWriMo Update: Day 11 Recap

Today’s Word Count2,887

Total Word Count: 28,194

Estimated Writing Time: 2.5 hours

Feeling: Accomplished

Motivation: My new word count goal for the next 10 days. See the insights section below.

Inspiration: Don’t tell my husband (don’t worry, he’ll read this, so you won’t have to keep the secret very long!), but I share my main character’s crush on my story’s heartthrob. As he is becoming a more frequent character, I find myself really inspired to get to his scenes so I can write them together. I also really love scenes with my villain, but that’s just because he’s so damn funny. (At least, I think so!)

Biggest Triumph: Surpassing my expected word count for the day. I got on a good role in the mask maker’s shop scenes.

Biggest Setback: As you may have seen on Twitter, I decided to do exercise class at work today, which “counted” for my normal lunch hour. However, I took an extra half an hour off for lunch and wrote during one of my evening shows to make up the deficit and even surpass my goals!

Helpful Insights: Now that we are (just over) 1/3 of the way through NaNoWriMo, it’s time to re-evaluate your writing goals. If you are slipping behind, either figure out what in your daily life you can sacrifice to allow yourself more writing time, or adjust your daily writing goals to a more sustainable level. After all, it is more important for you to keep writing than to hit 50,000 words by November 30. If you are well ahead of the NaNoWriMo guidelines, try upping your word count goal to challenge yourself. You can always lower it again after (or during) NaNoWriMo if you’ve stretched yourself too far.

Personally, I know that my manuscript will have to exceed 50,000 words to be finished. Therefore, I have decided to up my average daily word count to 2,500. Will I accomplish this every day? Certainly not. But, if I can average 2,500 words per day over the next 10 days (and then the last 10 after that), I stand a good chance of leaving NaNoWriMo with a complete manuscript. This is my new goal.

On an non-NaNo note, I passed 150 WordPress followers yesterday! Thank you all so much for your continued support and interest in me and my blog. I hope you all are enjoying building this writing and reading community as much as I am!

Join me on my NaNoWriMo journey on my NaNoWriMo page or follow me on Twitter @KateMColby for more frequent updates!


5 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Update: Day 11 Recap”

    1. Thanks! Exactly. I watched a webinar with Chris Baty, and his emphasis was on “making creativity a priority.” I think that as long as NaNoWriMo helps you do that — no matter what that means as far as word count, genre, or artistic medium — then you have won. Thanks again for reading, and best of luck with your own NaNo endeavor!


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