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NaNoWriMo Update: Day 9 Recap

I’m wasn’t feeling too well today, fellow writers, but I powered through! Honestly, if I weren’t so close to the halfway point (and didn’t have such a persistant husband), I might have taken a day off since I am already ahead. However, I’m happy that I stuck with my writing, and I can confidently say that I will be at the halfway point on Day 10. Of course, this is only the halfway point for the NaNoWriMo word count. The halfway point for my novel is still pending. Yikes!

Today’s Word Count2,627

Total Word Count: 23,072

Estimated Writing Time: 2 hours

Feeling: Emotionally: proud of myself for enduring. Physically: still have an achy head and low energy.

Motivation: Knowing that if I want to make writing my career, I need to treat it like one and still write, even when I feel a little under the weather.

Inspiration: My husband, Daniel, who went above and beyond to help me today. He brought me lunch in bed and carried my laptop downstairs when I was too lazy to get off the couch.

Biggest Triumph: Working through my headache and inching closer to the halfway mark. Tomorrow is the day!

Biggest Setback: I had a pretty bad sinus headache (and a resulting upset stomach) for most of the day. Therefore, it took me a while to get around to writing, and I took a couple breaks for naps and food.

Helpful Insights: If you are feeling low on energy, try writing in short bursts. By writing a little bit at a time, you can focus on powering through one little bit of your story and then rewarding yourself with a break to re-energize. Plus, if you walk away from your story in the middle of a scene or at another interesting point, you won’t be able to stop thinking about it while you’re gone, and you will be excited and ready to knock out the rest of your words when you return.

Join me on my NaNoWriMo journey on my NaNoWriMo page or follow me on Twitter @KateMColby for more frequent updates!


5 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Update: Day 9 Recap”

    1. Most of my friends are too busy drowning in school work or their own NaNoWriMo endeavors, so Daniel has been a godsend. Thanks for the encouragement! It’s nice to have an online community to reach out to, too!


      1. It’s down to just me doing NaNoWriMo this year, so I’m definitely glad for the online community. Every year I find I meet someone knew that I keep in touch with after November is over, and we continue the prodding. LOL.

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