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Welcome Aboard!

Hello, internet people!

Welcome to my blog: the mother-ship/home-base/HQ of everything Kate M. Colby.

If you are a friend or family member, thank you for supporting me in this latest endeavor. If you are entirely new  to me, here’s the skinny:

As a writer in this fast-paced, social media-driven world, one must create an online presence to gain a readership. This is especially true for writers like myself, who intend to independently publish. However, even if a writer selects to navigate the waters of traditional publishing, s/he must do most (if not all) of the marketing, branding, and public relations work alone. Therefore, building a social media platform early is a new, but vital, step in the career of any writer who is intelligent enough to treat writing as what it is: a business and an art.

So what can you  expect from me and my blog?

From me, you can expect published works in multiple genres. I adore writing in both creative nonfiction and contemporary fiction. My creative nonfiction tends to be very family-focused and is sure to give you a clear snapshot of growing up in the Midwest. My fiction seems to jump all over the place. I have ideas for both stand-alone novels, trilogies, and series in genres ranging from supernatural to historical romance to dystopian to post-apocalyptic to mystery. Unlike some other writers, I don’t believe in sticking to one genre. Readers don’t only read one genre – why should writers only write in one?

From the blog, you can expect a variety of posts. Most importantly, and most sparingly at first, will be updates on the stages of my manuscripts and writing career. Most frequently, I will be posting drafts of writing exercises, my opinions on topics that interest me or relate to my writing, and general musings about things that happen in my life.  In other words, I don’t just intend for this to be the Kate M. Colby newsletter — this is a place where you can get to know me as a writer and as a person, and hopefully, I can get to know you, too!

Now where do we go from here? If you like the sound of me and my ambitions, slide over to the sidebar. There, you’ll find links to my other social media outlets as well as a place to subscribe to this blog. Feel free to follow me all over the web – I don’t bite!

Thank you all for checking me out. I look forward to chatting at you soon.

Until next time,




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